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Whole of life insurance

A policy that guarantees a payout upon death, no matter what age you are when the time comes.

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Mortgage life insurance

A decreasing insurance payout, in-line with your outstanding repayment mortgage amount.

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Level term life insurance

The most simple type of life insurance, a fixed premium, for a fixed term, with a fixed payout.

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Critical illness cover

This cover will payout in one lump sum if you claim on the policy against one of the defined illnesses.

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Life insurance made simple

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Our friendly team of family insurance specialists assess your individual needs. No two families are the same, you’ll get the right quote at a great price.


We go the extra-mile as a business, our advisors are fully trained in all aspects of life insurance advice.

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We work with 11 of the UK's most trusted life insurance providers to find the best protection for you.

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We help thousands of parents each year find the right cover.

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